It’s Sunday, The Skies are Blue & The Sun is Shining

At last.  Temperatures are due to reach an almighty 24 Degrees.  We can see swathes of blue sky and the sun is shining.  It is SUNDAY.  OUR WELL EARNED DAY OF REST.

The lush garden that we so lovingly cherish, the birds that we carefully nurture through winter,  the bees, the damsel flies and crickets, welsh poppies gently nodding in the breeze, rhodedendrons a blaze of elegant summer colour.  A home owner’s pastoral scene to die for.  A pastoral scene that begs to be enjoyed. You’d think.  We’ve been looking forward to today for days following weeks of rain and grey skies.

But dear reader (excuse the blatant Victorian tweedom), what the estate agent will not highlight for you when you pay nearly £300,000 for your property is that in fact Larkfield, Aylesford, Kent is one of the noisiest places you could ever begin to imagine.

A point in view:  the person to the rear of our garden has this morning chosen to get out his circular saw.  Not in his garage where the noise will be minimised.  Not in his kitchen with the doors shut. No, he is in fact using his circular saw in his back garden.   15 feet from our bedroom window and garden.  The rending, screeching sounds are echoing back and forth with a ferocity and relentlessness you’d expect from a building site with 100 men working on it.

Circular Saw Sound from You Tube

Drilling Sounds On Waking

Sawing Sounds from You Tube

Perception: What the sound of Drilling next to my Headboard Sounds like When I’ve Just Been Woken Up

(You may wish to play these links in another window as you read this blog to appreciate the full effect). Right click, open in new tab will allow the sounds to run in the background. Feel free to play them all at the same time for full appreciation. One tab per sound should do it.

Is Larkfield a place where one can actually relax and enjoy one’s home?

Sadly, the answer is a definitive no.

Please.  Do excuse me if I sound a tad aggravated this morning.

You see the chainsaw is purely the icing on an increasingly rancid cake …

A point in view: I awoke this morning with the headboard to my bed literally vibrating and the sound of sawing and hammering from the neighbours in the adjoining property of our semi-detached home also continuing with their building works.

Which they have been doing for 10 – 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, through every weekend and bank holiday for the past month I should add.

Interesting (but unsurprising) I think that they have moved out of their property so THEY do not have to put up with the noise and disruption.  I say unsurprising because when we asked them to kindly desist from the noisemaking in the form of hammering and sawing at 2230 hours last week they just carried on anyhow.

You’re jealous you’re not us now aren’t you ?!!




Really Crap Neighbours

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